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We’re Supporting Grief Encounter’s Great Work

Christmas is the most magical time of the year. It’s all about festive cheer, fantastic food and most importantly: family. This is why it can be such a tough time of year for kids who’ve lost their mum or dad, or a sister or brother. Kids very often find it hard to understand what’s happened, and in turn, to grieve. This is where Grief Encounter comes in.

Grief Encounter is a charity which offers support to families, especially those dealing with the loss of close relatives. They help out in lots of ways, from running after-school therapy sessions to providing Grief Relief Kits, which are completely free and full of useful bits and bobs to help kids throughout their grieving process.

Their help is truly invaluable, which is why we’re proud to award a £10,000 community grant to Grief Encounter, to help them keep up their great work. £10,000 could help to fund over 140 Grief Relief Kits or dozens of special experiences for kids who are going through a particularly tough time.

“A huge thank you from all the team here at Grief Encounter for the part you have played and thanks to everyone else at Thomas Cook Children’s Charity who was involved in making this fantastic grant possible.” – Hannah Billington, Trusts and Grants

If you’d like to support charities like Grief Encounter helping kids and their families, donate here to the Thomas Cook Children’s Charity.

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