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The Wonderful Wizzybug Loan Scheme

As kids grow up, it’s normal that they want to become more independent. Children with disabilities often lack the opportunity to do their own thing, which can really stunt their confidence and personal development.

That’s why Thomas Cook Children’s Charity has donated over £42,000 to Designability, a charity that supports children’s mobility with Wizzybugs. These fantastic wheelchairs have been created especially for kids aged between 14 months and 5 years, who have disabilities. With their funky red design and Wizzybug eyes, they can zip around in no time, outside or indoors. The frame is also adjustable, which is perfect for little ones at the rate they grow!

Our donation has paid for the manufacture of 10 Wizzybugs which are completely free to families. They can keep them until they are offered more suitable alternatives at around the age of 5. Although the charity has exceeded their target of creating 250 Wizzys, there are still large numbers of kids who would benefit from even more being made. After each Wizzybug has completed its stay with a family, it’s refurbished in Bath with locally sourced materials and given to someone new.

Fun and freedom on four wheels

Wizzybugs are ideal for a range of disabilities, from cerebral palsy to muscular atrophy. Easy to control, they prepare kids for managing a full size wheelchair or mobility device. The independence that the Wizzy provides also works wonders for self-esteem. One parent wrote: ‘The biggest difference it has made is to her confidence – thanks to Wizzybug even her speech has improved.’ Five of the 10 Wizzybugs have already been collected and put to great use, with the following five waiting to be collected by the chosen families.

WizzybugJessica loved taking her new Wizzy for a spin!

Thanks to all the generous donations from our sponsors, there are kids that can now play as they’ve always wanted to with their friends, siblings, mums and dads. If you’d like to help causes such as the Wizzybug Loan Scheme change the lives of children for the better, you can donate to a range of charities and services for kids on our website.

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