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Team Thomas Cook Sparkle at TWSTD Festival

The last ever TWSTD Festival in Skegness was a unique indoor winter music festival and a great opportunity for Thomas Cook graduates and apprentices to support a noble cause. An impressive total of £1613 was raised over the weekend for Teenage Cancer Trust and the Thomas Cook Children’s Charity (a big thanks to Matt and Alex for counting the money!) by hosting beer pong tournaments, as well as running a face painting stand in the midst of the festival. This large amount highlights just how successful our efforts were, beating last year’s total of £1500!

As a team we were aware of the commitment and efforts of the Thomas Cook Children’s Charity in improving children’s lives and their communities. One of the graduates, Rebecca, has witnessed first-hand what a great charity Teenage Cancer Trust is, including the facilities and help they provide to young people, as her best friend spent some time in their Edinburgh unit for several years. Therefore it was great that we had the chance to support these charities whilst having the opportunity to spend more time together as a team.

To attract as many festival-goers as possible we decorated our own faces in glitter and colourful paint. This wasn’t only a marketing stunt, but also a fun activity with so many possibilities, colours and glitter available to let our creativity completely run wild. Over the weekend we glittered an abundance of faces and even some beards!

The festival-goers seemed to have the time of their lives, reuniting with friends they met over their summer holiday. Although they were in a great mood, many of them were eager to share some stories about themselves, family or friends linked to Teenage Cancer Trust. One boy for example shared with us that he had previously been diagnosed with a brain tumour. Hearing these heart-breaking stories encouraged us to go the extra mile and continue pushing on to raise as much money as possible for these great charities. Many individuals felt guilty about the lack of cash they had to donate, however we continued to ensure them how grateful we were of their generosity and that every little helps. After all, it is not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.

Although raising money for charity was the main aim of attending TWSTD, other factors must not be forgotten. The festival was the perfect opportunity for the graduates to get to know each other a little better in a non-working environment and let our hair down. Therefore, when we weren’t attending the festival, listening to the music and dancing, we bonded over activities such as scenic beach walks, lunches and dinners, and some even went for a morning run (much to others’ horror after a late night!)

As a final note, we are really looking forward to seeing how the money will be spent and knowing that we had a part in improving the lives of those who need it the most. We encourage you to join us! Ask yourself, if not me, who? If not now, when?

Thank you – Thomas Cook Graduates & Apprentices


For more information on the above charities and to find out how you can play your part, please follow the Thomas Cook Children’s Charity social channels Facebook Twitter Instagram and find out more about Teenage Cancer Trust here.

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