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SPOONS Charity: We Love Helping Little Ones

Here, at Thomas Cook Children’s Charity, we love helping kids of all ages, all around the world; especially the tiniest tots that might need a bit of extra care. SPOONS Charity (Supporting Parents of Oldham & North Manchester Neonates) are just the same: dedicated to improving facilities and supporting families experiencing neonatal care in North Manchester General and Royal Oldham Hospital. Many of these babies are either very poorly, premature or both, meaning they need careful monitoring in those vital first few days and weeks.

SPOONS Charity provide parent support, both on the units and after the baby’s been discharged, with parent peer groups, online support, fundraising for new equipment and much more. Recently, we awarded them with £3,500 to help them with their fantastic work.

They came to our attention through one of the families supported by SPOONS Charity, mummy and daddy Charlotte and Kieran, along with their beautiful twin babies, Daisy and Eric. Daisy was born on 24 December 2016, and Eric, her little brother, was born two days later on 26 December. Weighing just 1lb and 1lb 2oz respectively, SPOONS Charity stepped in to try and make their time in hospital a little easier. Daisy and Eric were both given a crocheted square to go in their incubators, which had the smell of their Mummy on it to help comfort them. The long visits to the unit were made more comfortable by the availability of private sitting rooms, tea and coffee facilities and even food preparation areas. These were places they had the opportunity to talk with other parents who were going through similar experiences.

Sadly, four days later, Daisy and Eric could fight no more and passed away peacefully on 30 December 2016. Charlotte and Kieran, along with their friends and family, have since done lots of fundraising for both SPOONS Charity and Royal Oldham Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in memory of their angels. One of Charlotte’s friends, who’s a member of our team, suggested that they apply to us for some extra funding, in order to raise even more money to help families and babies.

“Words cannot describe how thrilled I was to hear Thomas Cook had awarded £3,500 to this amazing charity, and all the more to know that Daisy and Eric would be helping other babies and their families through their first few days/weeks, for whom it is a truly anxious and worrying time.

Since our devastating loss, premature birth, neonatal deaths and stillbirths have often dominated the media. This is now a subject close to our hearts and we would like to do everything we can to help raise funds or awareness of charities doing their best to help and support parents and families through what can only be described as a horrendous time.

Kieran and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff on the neonatal and maternity units at Royal Oldham Hospital for their support during our time there. We would also like to thank Thomas Cook for their kind donation and want them to know the money will help to save the lives of many beautiful babies.” – Charlotte, Mummy to Daisy and Eric

We’d just like to say a huge thank you to Charlotte and Kieran for having the courage to share their story and raising awareness for this fantastic charity; we’re so happy to support SPOONS Charity and hope that our donation will help them continue their incredible work; looking after little ones in need.

If you know of a charity which deserves some funding, or you would simply like to donate towards helping us give another grant, you can get in touch here.

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