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Not only has Christmas come early for the children I met on Tuesday 15th December for the Thomas Cook Flight of Dreams, but the festive day out in Newcastle flying on a plane in search for Santa truly is a dream come true for them and their loved ones, “it’s it’s it’s… just magical…!” as one of the girls beams at me with the biggest smile! “The most magical day ever ever EVER!!!” …That was her cheer of glee even before she got to meet Santa!

I couldn’t believe how many eyes I saw forget their troubles and suddenly light up with surprise. Everyone did seem to be under an enchanting spell as the day went seamlessly; all were joining in and singing Christmas carols from the bottom of their hearts.

All were watching the wonder unfold as they get to fly on an aeroplane, many for the first time in their lives. I volunteered my photography skills as a way of giving back by capturing such happy memories, moments I will treasure today too, after a half 5 am alarm, journey to Newcastle and using my own free time to edit the photos, I’m still smiling…

Being able to capture the sheer excitement on these children’s faces after they’ve been through a tough time and help to make one of the happiest moments of their lives is priceless! To see the children happily hug together for a photo and burst into laughter and giggles as they enjoy the moment was incredible.

Now to see those photos refreshing the website, adding vibrancy to marketing pieces, encouraging more donations and volunteers, being featured in customer emails, thank you letter designs and as keepsakes and more is a great way to demonstrate all the brilliant work that’s put in by all who are involved with the Children’s Charity, how it goes such a long way!

A dream day all round…Treasure your fondest memories and live life to the full! Happy Christmas everyone!

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