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Please contact Aoife McDonogh by emailing thomascook.childrenscharity@thomascook.com. You can also get in touch by calling +44 (0)1733 417436 for any questions you may have regarding fundraising or charity partners.

Lee Bradley


Malcolm Dean

Vice Chairperson

Rachael Gillett

Jamie Queen

Bill Scott

Simon Lindsay

Matthew Harding

Registered Charity Number: 1091673 (England and Wales)


You can download a copy of the Sponsorship form by clicking here.

Both staff and customers are able to volunteer and raise sponsorship on behalf of the Thomas Cook Children’s Charity. If you are thinking of obtaining sponsorship on behalf of the Charity, please let us know by emailing thomascook.childrenscharity@thomascook.com


Yes. Risk Assessments are recommended for activities related to the Thomas Cook Children’s Charity. Please email thomascook.childrenscharity@thomascook.com to obtain a template and guidelines.
Local companies have the right to see a Letter of Authority if people ask them to donate raffle prizes. The Thomas Cook Children’s Charity can arrange a Letter of Authority to be emailed / sent to you. Please get in touch to request this service via thomascook.childrenscharity@thomascook.com.
Yes – the logo will be useful if you are designing posters for an event. You can download a High Resolution copy of the logo by clicking here.
Yes – we do have a limited number of places for which Thomas Cook staff and customers can apply. Please get in touch via thomascook.childrenscharity@thomascook.com expressing your interest and we will send you an application form.

Please note, given the popularity of this event, and limited places, you may not be successful. It is recommended that people get in touch as early as possible regarding future events.


We welcome cause nominations from both customers and staff. You can contact Aoife McDonogh, Charitable Relations Manager, directly at thomascook.childrenscharity@thomascook.com, or simply fill in the form below.