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1. Who are the trustees of the Thomas Cook Children’s Charity?

Chris Mottershead – Chair

Matt Harding – Vice Chair

Simon Lindsay

Fiona Brown

Zoe Evans

Bridget Gardiner

2. What is the Charity Registration Number?

Registered Charity Number: 1091673 (England and Wales)

3. How can I nominate a charity or charitable project to receive funds?

We welcome nominations for charities to support that fit our grant giving criteria. If you know of an organisation, charity or individual that could really benefit from a community grant then you can nominate them to apply. We have a really fantastic community grants programme for UK and Overseas projects as well as individual applications. See our ‘Get Involved’ page of the website for more information on how to nominate a cause. Or you  can read more about it for yourself on our ‘Community Grants’ page of the website.

4. Which charities do the Thomas Cook Children’s Charity currently support?

Please visit our ‘Who We Support’ page of our website to see a list of some of the charities and organisations that we work with.

5. I’d like to take part in the London Marathon, can I list the Thomas Cook Childrens Charity as my charity of choice in my application?

Yes please do! If you are successful then please get in touch and we will help you with setting up your fund raising page. Best of luck with your application!

6. Can I have a copy of the Charity logo to use in promotion for fund raising?

Yes no problem, the logo will be useful if you are designing posters for an event. To download a high resolution copy of the logo then CLICK HERE!

7. I have been asked for a ‘Letter of Authority’ when collecting raffle prizes for my fund raising event, where can I find this?

Local companies have the right to see a ‘Letter of Authority’ if people ask them to donate a raffle prizes. The Thomas Cook Children’s Charity can arrange a Letter of Authority to be sent to you. Please get in touch with us so that we can discuss this request with you.

8. Do I need to complete a Risk Assessment for my fundraising event?

Yes. Risk Assessments are recommended for activities related to the Thomas Cook Children’s Charity. Please get in touch with us so that we can discuss your fund raising event and send you a risk assessment template.